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In alphabetic order: DO NOT TRADE with these scammers!!!! The list does ALSO include contest hosts who host contests but never follow through with mailing out the prizes.

@_ohhhtori (bad giveaway host – she hosted a giveaway then decides to cancel the giveaway because she claimed that the winner she picked wasn’t following her anymore. She recently changed her ig name to @toriiiiiiiiiiiii_ her blog is also at )
@_nailsbyalyssa_ (she was on the safe list but in the past month she scammed more than two girls and now is saying she cannot afford to send nail mail out.. After receiving everyone’s nail mail packages to her)
@_polished_ (she didn’t do her end by sending someone in Australia her nail mail package. Didn’t reply to KIKs etc asking about where the nail mail package was)
@alarnadavies (she is also @alarnanails she didn’t send someone their nail mail package in Jan 2013 and as of five months later still eludes answering where nail mail package is)
@alee_beauty (didn’t mail out giveaway prize)
@amazing_nail_design (bad contest host. She is also @naildiy and @swissbeautybloggers)
@amylatravi3sa (didn’t do her end of nail mail. When the other girl asked about her package and where it was.. She blocked her and the other girl never got anything)
@andnails (bad contest host – hosted the #andnailswmcontest – no finalists chosen, no prizes went out)
@ariannajill (she has another account which is @puurrfectpolish)
@azurehairandnails (did a contest but did not follow thru with prizes)
@beautybyxenia (fake giveaway contest. She recently changed to @neverlandish then to @fukinghateyou)
@bubbleviciousnails (sold polishes but did not send them. Refuses to refund the buyer)
@candyshoppenails (was @nails_by_nicki and hosted another giveaway with prizes from the original one she never sent previously with the older IG name)
@cherryjmarie (old ig name was @polishmecrazy – she didn’t do her end with several nail mail buddies, she is also @cherrylou_marie)
@cherrylou_marie (see @cherryjmarie above for info)
@chulamorena1980 (she failed to do her end in a swap)
@cyruslove77 (ripped someone else off in nail mail. Received about $150 worth in products. She recently changed to @prettypink777)
@daniellethegreatx3 (scammed someone in nail mail – went on too for long. From Kearny, NJ)
@dtoberman5225 (didn’t do her end of the swap)
@emmynoodle (swap lifted – didn’t do her end in many nail mail swaps – beware)
@fukinghateyou (see @beautybyxenia explanation above)
@gigidoesnails (hosted a contest and then didn’t send out prizes. Kept giving excuses)
@happypastelgirl (fake/scam giveaway to gain followers)
@heartsfalldown (she didn’t send her package out for the #secretpolishadmirer thing and refused to speak to the person running this swap when she was questioned about the package)
@indertinks27 (didn’t do her end of nail mail)
@jalsturm_nails (she is also @jamberleighh)
@jamberleighh (her nail account is @jalsturm_nails)
@janellelhz11 (ripped off few girls with nail mail. Tends to ask for $500 worth of products to exchange. She also has a blog at
@jessicalou_1 (did not complete her end of a swap)
@kelseyann_m (didn’t send prize for contest she held)
@kileya2010 (did not do her part in a swap)
@krreyes23 (didn’t hold up her end of the nail mail swap – didn’t send it)
@lacquerdestash (also is @wanderlustlacquer – she has not send out polishes for orders as well as her destashing polish sales)
@leftcoastlacquerista (KIK name is ethereal_nails – she did not complete her end of a swap)
@lovebeautynglam (fake/scam giveaway to gain followers)
@lovemylacquer (nail mail issues and didn’t follow through with giveaway contest prize)
@lovepinknails248 (hosted giveaway contest to gain more followers but didn’t follow thru with prize)
@mariahjustluvs24 (scammed THREE girls in the month of May 2013.)
@miaariana21 (bad contest host – hosted a contest #miaariana21red and now claims she can’t send out prizes due to insufficient funds to ship them out but has no issue in shipping other non-polish giveaways. She also changed to @missinginaction21 recently)
@missinginaction21 (she was @miaariana21)
@momcave (she hosted a contest and never sent the promised prize)
@ms_bluzer (hosted a 300 follower giveaway but didn’t follow through with the prize despite numerous KIKs etc)
@mzdebz69 (supposed to participate in a Canadian nail buddy swap in July. The person hasn’t received her package after many attempts at contact and after many excuses)
@nail_nerd (hosted giveaway contest to gain followers but never intended to mail out prize and gave a fake tracking number that does not exist)
@nailartcanvas23 (formerly polish_ur_world) failed to do her part in a swap
@nailartdesigns7 (fake giveaway!! Changed to @nailartdesign7)
@naildiy (bad contest host – she is also @amazing_nail_design and @swissbeautybloggers)
@nailhoney (had people pay for polishes but did not send them out, was not able to provide any type of tracking or receipt showing the package(s) were actually sent)
@nailsagogo (didn’t send out 3 prizes for a contest she held)
@nailsbydanielle (held a contest but did not mail prize)
@nails_by_nikki (fake giveaway didn’t follow thru with prizes. Now changed to @candyshoppenails)
@nerd4nails (didn’t mail giveaway prize for many months)
@neverlandish (she was @beautybyxenia – look above for more info)
@paperheartnails (she did a giveaway contest and deleted her account once someone realized she didn’t appoint a winner nor actually mailed a prize)
@pastelf4airytale (fake/scam giveaway to gain followers)
@polishmecrazy (recently changed to @cherryjmarie, also has @cherrylou_marie)
@prettypink777 (see @cyruslove77 above for info on why she’s on the bad list)
@puurrfectpolish (she also is @ariannajill)
@rachicakes1608 (sent one successful nail mail to this girl, then for the second time she never sent hers out and kept coming up with lame excuses)
@rave_forever (Didn’t do her end of nail mail and ignores KIKs and emails; proceeds in asking others to do nail mail)
@razzbatazz (she hosted a contest and never sent out the promised prize)
@sarahxhallyy (hosted giveaway, claims to have chosen winner then deleted everything that showed she was hosting a giveaway #xoxgiveaway )
@socialmediaoverload (didn’t send a girl her nail mail)
@sparkytal2 (didn’t mail giveaway prize to winner for many months)
@swissbeautybloggers (bad contest host she is also @amazing_nail_design and @naildiy)
@thedailypolish (fake giveaway)
@theouterlimits (she held a contest and never delivered. She had been contacted by the winners for about a month with no results)
@thepolishisart (fake giveaway – didn’t follow thru w the prizes)
@unicornandglittlernails (hosted contest/giveaway but didn’t follow through)
@valmar26 (@razzbatazz’s other account)
@wanderlustlacquer (also is @lacquerdestash – she has not send out polishes for orders as well as her destashing polish sales)
@winniesmummer (formerly @Mrszx10r – didn’t do her end in the trick or treat swap in 2013)
@vi___ (some sale issues, nail mail issues as well as being one month late for sending out holiday packages in several holiday swaps with no communication at all)
@xxshorty305xx (didn’t do her end of a swap)
@101nailfreak (didn’t mail giveaway prize to the winner for many months)


In alphabetic order: @aaahhbecky @aaaracely305 @aamcgarrah @abbeymb @agentkayla_ @aisurunails @ajh1485 @akmommy11 @alannahcm @alasset @alexluvsjake07 @alicia0910 @alijoenailarts @alintaylor @allforus @allibally @alliereiter @allnailedupp @alyb85 @amandaleah82 @amandimeee @amaree31 @amylovesnewwave @amysoad @amyylyn @anakitteh @anastasiasnails @angelacalas @animalnurse7 @a_n_i_t_a_a_7 @annawood20 @annisa33 @anti_gram @aoneofthekind @apolishdsoutherner @apolishobsession @apolishprincess @ariana1515 @arixta @armenwhat @arycajune @aselvera33 @ashley_1015 @ashleyketchum @ashleynatx @ashleywtfstfu @ashreeking @asianislandgirl84 @astoldbyannalisa @athanasiamaria @awesomebrush @ayannasmom0604 @azhure_snow @bchinn8312 @bdettenails @beal0ve @beans_nails @beautyisinthenails @beauty_by_kass @bedazzling_nails @beedaboonita @beginnails @bellamabella @bellexbeauty27 @bellskandi @bessieandgong @bettinanails @bettymrsred @bigcitynails @bingudingu @blacklunalacquer @blankita_xoxo @bluberrysugar_nails @blueemster @blupopcikl @blu_rose @blushandbow @blw1605 @boldnailart @bougie_hippie @brassknucklez @brendiux13 @bridgetmckenzie @brii20owens @brummingbird @callieraeh @cassidylynnnails @cats_n_nails @cdbnails143 @chakitak @channi_michelle @charhargis @charismazone @chazeecat @checkthesenailsout @cherry_does_nails @chevychick_nails @chiarahbic_nails @chikiss143 @chrishana88 @christiful @christinastalents @christineambrosia @cinnamonkandy @clairecabrera @clairelyclairebear @claudiaoso @claudushia @claws4paws @closetnails @colormyworldwithsparkles @cookiefleurnails @core008 @corgiclaws @craftyjenny @cupcakepolish @cynthiaruthn @danahsnails @dancer_93 @daniboygirl @danicaj @danyeli613 @darilynzilla @darynkate @dashamolly @debbieeeco @deelacnails @deliahrae @delynda54 @denaaaaxo @denissekg @desibaby16 @desiolive @destiniezepeda @diaol @diarypolishaholic @dirtyrichhh @dojie @domiflowers @drunkonpolish @dubistparis @dulllikeglitter @eicyatsnails @eileenreis @einalem_og @einglis1 @elauralikescats @elissafay @elizabetharlin @elizabethsaraax @elizabeth_zh @elizanemarques @elle025 @emmykmint @emshipply @enamelled @entangling @erinhughes_ @espressolane @esp_nails @every26 @evy_1229 @exceptafterc @dumptruckandme @fanci_fingaz @feedmichelle @feliifel @femmefatalelacquer @fishlis @fizaj @followthatway @fouaa @fredsen_b @funatyourfingertips @g2thelo @gabskebabs84 @gabstersb @gemjuicenails @gettinnailed @gias_momma @gigislacqueredup @gillyheartsnails @glamorizetouch @glamorouslacquer @glitterandstudsxo @glynnavyre @goodforya @goooby_pls @greedylittlebaby @gypsyannanails @hails_0 @hanick7107 @harleeq_ @hawt_jdm_mamii @hayleyanne89 @heather_loves_nails @hell0hellen @helloooomonster @hellznails @heloise_k @here4nails @heyitsair @heytheremaggie @hillarykozuch @homemademommie @honeybee_nails @iamcorpsebride @iammynails217 @iamrghughes @iamteezi @idealist_nails @iliana212010 @iluvurnailz @indie500nails @irnbb @isanku @itreantos @itsjustjess_nails @ivykiddo @ivywild 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Hello Everyone,

I have decided to feature and maintain two lists for my IG friends. One list will list all the people that are known to be “safe” to trade with. The other list will show names as well as their IG names along pictures of their feed (so that way if they change their IG name, we will still know its them by the pictures in their feed). I am doing this because:

1. I have been scammed before. I have sent a nice nail mail package to someone then that person tells me she sent it when she never did.

2. My friends on instagram have also had this unpleasant experience.

3. I want to introduce more people to the wonderful world of nail mail and help them find a safe buddy to trade with.

Thank you.